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Ultra is our highly concentrated water based hybrid top coat, it was engineered to help prevent water spotting and prolong the life of our pro grade coatings but is suitable for all types of ceramic coatings. As an eco friendly product it is safe to the environment and highly economical- only 1 spray is required per 40x40cm or 1600cm2!

Ultra is a highly advanced top coating which can be used on all types of paint systems, wraps, ppf, glass, wheels and plastic trim. It is safe to use, user friendly, provides users with #Hypergloss and is weather ready immediately after installation. 

A sacrificial layer with elastic and flexible properties is created which ensures the surface becomes self cleaning and most importantly protects the ceramic coating from degradation. It was formulated to perform in all types of climates and weather systems. Our latest ULTRA 2.1 also contains an anti static polymer which provides anti dusting properties with 2 continuous wipe down application method

ULTRA is recommended to all end users who have had a Titan professional grade coating applied to their vehicle. 

Ultra adds hyperslickness, hypergloss and provides extra water beading admired by most. ULTRA can be used as a standalone coating to add self cleaning abilities to any surface.

Perfect for Professional Protection of:

  • 9 Month paint protection- adds self cleaning abilities with zero hardness
  • PPF Protection- Gloss, Matte & Sateen
  • Matte Paint protection
  • Vinyl Wrap protection
  • Works as a sealant on Glass, plastics and wheels

Trade partners and Accredited Partners can purchase ULTRA from our portal.

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Water based
Non-Solvent based
Zero Resins
Zero endocrine altering chemicals
Zero hazardous chemicals
Non smearing
Does NOT contain PTFE, Wax, Fillers or Resins
Water contact angle: 125 degrees- Previous contact angle- 120 degrees
Durability: Up to 9 months
pH tolerance: 2-11
Cures instantly and is immediately weather resistant
ULTRA is suitable for all types of paint systems including gloss/matte,ppf (gloss/matte), wraps, plastics, carbon fibre, wheels, front/rear lights and glass.

*Durability is dependent on care, local weather and contamination build up. Our coatings have undergone accelerated weathering tests. .

Dry Method- Spray ultra onto dry/clean surface and lightly buff off with a brand new microfiber cloth in a circular motion, use a second brand new microfiber to perform a second buff if necessary. We recommend 2 continuous wipe downs to allow increased levels of our anti static polymer and high tension polymer to be present. If streaks occur remove with damp microfiber before using a 2nd microfiber to perform a final buff
Wet Method- During final stages of washing procedure spray onto surface and buff off, use high pressure washer to remove excess product and dry with air assisted dryer or plush microfiber drying towel- Using this method decreases durability by 30%

Decontaminate vehicle with ph. controlled iron fall out remover every 3 months and apply Ultra. If your vehicle has water spots- we recommend using a water spot remover first before applying ULTRA as this will help to prevent future water spots. If the water spots are difficult to remove please contact your local detailer for help. Do not use spray and rinse sealants as any remaining residue may affect the finish of your vehicles paintwork.