• Coating

    VULCAN TX155

VULCAN TX155 is our revolutionary membrane hybrid coating providing permanent hydrophobicity, chemical resistance and is maintenance free.

TX155 contains our Extreme Performance Series hydrocarbon technology which creates a flexible rubber like membrane when fully cured. It is an ultra-durable, chemical resistant coating, provides an ultra-slick surface and is ultra-resilient to water spotting/stains.

We believe it is the pinnacle of paint protection for all surfaces.

Accelerated weathering results indicated 0% loss in hydrophobicity and gloss over 1500 hours.

Perfect for Permanent Professional Protection of:

  • All Paint systems- Gloss, Matte & Sateen
  • All PPF systems- Gloss, Matte & Sateen
  • Vinyl Wraps

Technical Data:

  • Single or Dual layer application
  • UV/UVB resistant
  • Heat resistance: 400c
  • Durability: Permanent
  • Thickness layer: 5 Microns – Dual layers
  • Water contact angle: 115°
  • PH tolerance: 1-13
  • Full curing time: 12 hours- IR Curable


Application Guidelines

Please follow the instructions and curing times strictly- deviating from the full cure period may damage the finish. 2 layers are required to provide the 5 microns of permanent protection. For Paint protection film PPF/Wrap/Matte paint protection a single layer is sufficient.

  • Apply plenty of liquid to applicator.
  • Apply in a single direction followed by crosshatch pattern slowly to create an even layer working a maximum 30cm x 30cm area.
  • Remove residue immediately- VULCAN bonds instantly and is very unforgiving if left on too long. Repeat application process on entire vehicle.
  • After 2 hours apply a 2nd layer.
  • Please allow 12 hours for VULCAN to fully cure before exposure to water and chemicals.

IR Curing- Set lamps to 60°C and bake for 15 minutes per panel


Vulcan TX155 can be applied on top of Titan and Zeus but only after they have been fully cured preferably with IR. If performing stacking on Titan/Zeus without IR we recommend applying Vulcan TX155 after 12-24 hours.

ACCR is not a suitable substrate for TX155.

  • Please contact your local TITAN accredited partner to arrange regular Titan optimum performance servicing.