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Zeus is our Elite coating containing our sophisticated HyperQuartz Carbon technology and is one of the most advanced coatings on the market combining both organic and inorganic chemistry with the addition of one variant of Nanorods which form part of our commercially conserved formula.

We have focused our attention on creating coatings that are flexible which ensures the protective coating can still perform under the stress of heat expansion, abrasion and extreme weathering.

Zeus can be applied on top of TITAN for extra durability, reflections and the ability to self-level.

Contrary to the belief that only harder coatings are best suited for automotive paint our lab tests have shown that harder coatings are more likely to suffer from physical damage. Our Zeus coating still performs like an elastomer which provides flexibility and hardness which allows it to provide enhanced protection, hydrophobicity and the ability to self level. Zeus was lab tested using a mitsubishi 10H pencil with zero marks visible, we believe the impact was absorbed. 

Zeus creates an aesthetically pleasing candy like gloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity as a standalone coating or on top of TITAN.

ZEUS was engineered for paint protection, it increases surface hardness, presents you with reoccurring Hypergloss and keeps water spots at bay rather than simply being built for hydrophobicity and beading.

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Single Layer Application
Non-solvent based
Durability: Up to 96 Months* dependent on care.
Water contact angle: 120 degrees
PH tolerance: 1-13
Thickness layer: 1.8-2.2 microns
Hardness: 8H-10H Dependent on Substrate
Stack-able up to a maximum of 2 layers
Initial curing/stacking time: 2 Hours
IR Curable
Full curing time: 7 days
Zeus is suitable for all types of paint systems including gloss/matte/sateen, all types of wraps, plastics, carbon fibre, wheels, exhaust, calipers and front/rear lights.

It is not suitable for PPF as it may inhibit the self-healing capabilities.

*Durability is dependent on care, local weather and contamination build up. Our coatings have undergone accelerated weathering tests. 

1. Before Application please measure humidity (if possible) Apply 10-15 Drops of Zeus to applicator

2. Apply in crosshatch pattern slowly to create an even layer- max 50x50cm section.

3. Curing is dependent on ambient temperature & humidity

4. Remove once the section is coated and use a 2nd Microfiber to lightly buff the coated area.

5. Please allow 2 hours before layering and stacking, if stacking VulcanTX155 or Vulcan Lite on top please allow 12-24 hours.

6. IR Curing- Set lamps to 60°C and bake for 15 minutes per panel

Decontaminate vehicle with ph. controlled iron fall out remover every 3 months and apply Ultra every 3 months.Do not use spray and rinse sealants as any remaining residue may affect the finish of your vehicles paintwork.