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Zeus is our Elite coating containing our sophisticated HyperQuartz® Carbon Elastomer technology.

Zeus is one of the most advanced coatings on the market combining both organic and inorganic chemistry with the addition of one variant of Carbon Nanorods.

Upon application Zeus forms an incredibly dense silicon carbide reinforced HyperQuartz® membrane which is further reinforced with nanorods, this membrane is highly flexible, hydrophobic and due to its elastomer based components it can self regenerate. 


  • Current Version: 2.0 Upgraded 09/2021
  • Durability: Up to 96 Months
  • Water contact angle: 120°
  • PH tolerance: 1-13

  • Thickness layer: 3 microns

  • Hardness: 8H-10H

  • Stack-able up to a maximum of 2 layers

  • Initial curing/stacking time: 2 Hours

  • Full curing time: 5 days

  • Zeus is suitable for all types of paint systems including gloss/matte/sateen.

  • It is not suitable for PPF as it may inhibit the self-healing capabilities.

  • Apply in crosshatch pattern slowly to create an even layer- max 50x50cm section. Curing is dependent on ambient temperature & humidity, Remove immediately once the section is coated and use a 2nd Microfiber to lightly buff the coated area, if residue remains please buff off lightly with a damp microfiber which has been sprayed with deinoised water. Please allow 2 hours before layering and stacking, if stacking VulcanTX155 on top please allow 12-24 hours. IR Curing- Set lamps to 60°C and bake for 15 minutes per panel.

  • Please contact your local TITAN accredited partner to arrange regular Titan optimum performance servicing.