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ACCR is our water based hydrocarbon clear coat resin/primer which provides and additional 4 microns of crystal clear resin per application creating incredibly deep gloss and shine.

ACCR works like a polish system but does not contain any abrasives, instead of removing microns of clear coat - ACCR provides an additional sacrificial layer while providing gloss and increased surface hardness. .

Perfect for:

  • Increasing Hardness of existing paint
  • Increasing surface thickness
  • One step application
  • Create a superior substrate for bonding non solvent based ceramic coatings

Technical Data:

  • Water Based Hydrocarbon
  • Durability: Permanent Adhesion
  • Thickness layer: up to 4 Microns
  • Water contact angle: 90 degrees
  • PH tolerance: 3-9
  • Hardness: Adds 4H to existing substrate.
  • Consumption: 15-20ml


Application Methods

Paintwork must be decontaminated with pH controlled iron fall out remover, clay detailed and ISO panel wiped before using ACCR for maximum adhesion.

Professional Method

  1. Apply a liberal amount of ACCR directly to substrate.
  2. Use 12mm Dual Action polisher with a Brand New 3 inch Finishing Pad applying pressure to ensure the coating completely diminishes.
  3. Maximum Speed Setting: 3
  4. Work a 20x20cm section
  5. Once ACCR disappears lightly remove any remaining residue with a clean microfiber.