Titan Coatings® pioneered the introduction of CNTs (carbon nanotubes) in the automotive coatings market in 2021 and continues to lead the market with new innovations and technologies.

We continue to research and develop world-class coatings with innovative additives, reducing the need for constant reinvestment in products that fail to perform.

Below, you can learn about our technologies and why they are regarded as the most advanced.

Titan Coatings® currently offers ElastoTek® coatings containing our proprietery blend of Dark Matter Technology® which utilises various forms of carbon allotropes, these provide numerous advantages such as high mechanical strength, thermal stability, and electrical conductivity. Carbon nanotubes' unique structure offers exceptional stiffness and strength, making them ideal for reinforcing coatings. Silicon carbide demonstrates excellent wear resistance and thermal stability, making it suitable for high-temperature applications. Nanodiamonds, known for their exceptional hardness and chemical stability, are an excellent choice for enhancing coating durability. Reduced graphene oxide, another carbon allotrope, has gained attention due to its remarkable mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Its excellent chemical resistance makes it an ideal candidate for coatings requiring protection against harsh chemicals.

ElastoTek® is our proprietery membrane forming technology which utilises a blend of elastomers which are polymers known for their elasticity and flexibility, making them ideal additives in coatings. When incorporated into formulations, elastomers enhance impact resistance, durability, and thermal stability. The elastomeric properties allow the coating to withstand mechanical stress and thermal expansion, reducing cracks and improving overall performance. Additionally, elastomers provide a smooth finish, corrosion protection, and chemical resistance to the coated surface. This technology extends the lifespan of coatings in various applications.

Claybrasion Claybrasive® is a technology based in nanoclay and microspheres, a super light abrasive which can lightly remove surface contamination from surfaces. This technology was developed to aid our ACCR primer/hardener in cleansing the substrate as well as being used to create a o-h group for superior bonding of our coatings to many substrates.

HyperQuartz® a quartz precursor blended with our ElastoTek®. HyperQuartz® is utilized in our coatings due to its exceptional thermal stability and chemical resistance. During the curing process, HyperQuartz® decomposes into silica, contributing to the formation of a durable coating layer. This results in coatings with superior hardness, abrasion resistance, and longevity. HyperQuartz® coatings also offer excellent UV protection, corrosion resistance, and hydrophobic properties. Our exisiting range of HyperQuartz® coatings are also reinforced with our ElastoTek® and Dark Matter Technology®.

HYPERBEAD™particle technology is our brand new functionalized silica particle, this is another game-changer in quick paint protection. HYPERBEAD™ particles create a robust barrier that repels water and shields against harmful UV rays. The particles form a durable, transparent layer on the car's surface, preventing water from sticking and causing damage.

DiamondTech® is a sub-technology group of our Dark Matter Technology®. Based on various forms and sizes of Nanodiamonds, with their high surface area and hardness, are used in our coatings to enhance mechanical properties like wear resistance and hardness. Their small size allows for uniform dispersion, improving coating adhesion and durability. DiamondTech® also provide thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation to the ceramic matrix. 

By combining all of our technologies into our coatings, we are able to offer permanent levels of protection to high value assets.